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Welcome to Catacomb Trading Limited

catacombtrading.com is committed to take a leading position in the international investment market thanks to a good combination of highly efficient equipment for cryptocurrency mining and team of professional traders by electronic currency.

The use of attracted investments can significantly increase the volume of mining and trade deposits on popular crypto exchanges. Participation in catacombtrading.com investment program is accessible to all interested users of Bitcoin, the base currency by which the company operates. Depending on the size of your deposit the company offers profits from 1.5% on a daily basis, forever. Your can take withdraw in hourly mode and minimum withdraw is 10$ and more in instant mode.

In addition to the benefits of investment, each registered user can take part in a unlimited-tier affiliate program .

  • 1. Register an account

  • Click "Register" and fill in required fields: your username, password, email and Bitcoin address for payouts.
  • 2. Make deposit

  • Select investment plan, enter deposit amount, click "Make investment", send specified amount from your wallet.
  • 3. Receive earnings

  • Your accruals are from 1.5% daily on an ongoing basis, profit is only depending on your deposit amount.
  • 4. Request withdrawal (with min. Withrawal of 10$ in hourly mode)

  • Once your balance is 10$ you can request payout which will be processed instantly.
Expired Plan
2% Daily For 100 Days
  • Minimum 50$
  • Maximum 10,000$
  • 2400 Hours Plan
  • For First 2000 Active User
Active Plan
1.5%Daily For 100 Days
  • Minimum 10$
  • Maximum 10,000$$
  • Principal Included
  • 0.06% Hourly Mode of Withdrawal
  • Plan Applicable After 2000 Users
Coming Soon
1% Daily For 200 Days
  • Minimum 50$
  • Maximum 10,000$
  • Principal Included
  • Future Plan

Why Us


  • Reliable website
  • Affiliate program
  • Live support

Catacomb Trading Limited

We have studied the Bitcoin marketplace very closely, as well as other digital currencies. We have also created a database with all the trading volumes available on digital currencies and which is updated daily, allowing the bots to spot different patterns in price movement.